Prep for Degree Show


Series of paintings as a record of everyday life.

– Interactions between the artist and viewers

– Translations

– Manifest as awkward spatial relationships

– Uncomfortable colour pairings and unusual patterns

– Make an idea for themselves upon repeated viewing

– Possibly as a form of therapeutic healing

– Artist’s own imagination / Abstract qualities / All important repertoire of motifs

– Motifs: devices that enables viewers to concentrate and gives attention not only to the surface of the painting but also the motifs that acts like devices; particular mood of each work

– The balance between foreground and background

– Visual journaling / Life experiences / Feelings / Emotional reactions / Artist’s inner worlds

– Articulating connections between my own personal art-making experiences and the work of the Master and Contemporary artists

– Reflective thinking

Painting a series of similar or related paintings:

– Does not mean I’ve run out of ideas or only have one

– A way of pursuing an idea of pushing it to see how far it will go

– Trying out variations to see where I’ll end up

– One painting leads to another and to another

– Elements that I like (Portraiture / Anatomy etc.) that I would rework on the painting

– Blending colours rather than having them such distinctive bands

– Vertical to horizontal arrangements as to represent how I move my point of view from further away

– Declared finish paintings although it is not ‘right’ in my eyes

– More abstract painting of it will make you (the viewer)  feel as if you had stepped up close to ‘me’, my life journey in one of the other paintings

– Overlapping and make the dominant colours reversed, to show the significant change between one painting and the others

– Positioning the series as a group than individually will work better


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