Show Yourself

Acrylics on Wood.


“I once witness a new life begin,

Unbelievable image more like a dream,

Each one grew to begin a new journey,

A beautiful being that God create,

Only one can tell its fortune time,

The only thing that can’t be still,

Like a picture drawn, unmoving and still,

Where life can end and begin,

In the real world no one argues with time,

In art everything is like a dream,

It is position thus, according to what artist’s create,

A new idea is a road leading to another journey…

…winding roads to complete the dream,

Laid down for humans to create,

Their astonishment kept them still,

How easy it is to find time chosen,

Finally, their eyes open to reveal their journey

and the adventure begin…”

(Life and Death by Syer Heily)

Restoring a hijacked Faith

Always question where your loyalties lie.