Degree Show 2013

I’ve been documenting my state of mind since the beginning of the year. Every part of my days is different, sometimes even in a small ways and without being morose. I feel it’s important to contemplate these changes. Even the mundane view I face every morning has new meaning and painting allow my subconscious to absorb and integrate that significant. It then led me on a quest to share a secret as expressed in an artwork that led me to a strange conclusion: I am the secret! I am other people’s secret, not, the least which are the birth mother who put me up for adoption. I don’t doubt that to this day, decades later, I am still their secret. This paintings took on more and more meaning as I worked at it. There were so many different levels, surfaces and other nuances that perfectly reflected the fact that I am a secret in so many levels and in such a wide variety of shades. Intuitively, when I just ‘play’ and see what happens, the result is a journey and it’s much more fun.