Today is the day!

Happy 67th Birthday to the most awesome king!

A source of inspiration for Bruneian students everywhere-His Majesty receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Law from King’s College London in April 2011.

Repeat showing of our ceremony –


Degree Show 2013

I’ve been documenting my state of mind since the beginning of the year. Every part of my days is different, sometimes even in a small ways and without being morose. I feel it’s important to contemplate these changes. Even the mundane view I face every morning has new meaning and painting allow my subconscious to absorb and integrate that significant. It then led me on a quest to share a secret as expressed in an artwork that led me to a strange conclusion: I am the secret! I am other people’s secret, not, the least which are the birth mother who put me up for adoption. I don’t doubt that to this day, decades later, I am still their secret. This paintings took on more and more meaning as I worked at it. There were so many different levels, surfaces and other nuances that perfectly reflected the fact that I am a secret in so many levels and in such a wide variety of shades. Intuitively, when I just ‘play’ and see what happens, the result is a journey and it’s much more fun.

“I once witness a new life begin,

Unbelievable image more like a dream,

Each one grew to begin a new journey,

A beautiful being that God create,

Only one can tell its fortune time,

The only thing that can’t be still,

Like a picture drawn, unmoving and still,

Where life can end and begin,

In the real world no one argues with time,

In art everything is like a dream,

It is position thus, according to what artist’s create,

A new idea is a road leading to another journey…

…winding roads to complete the dream,

Laid down for humans to create,

Their astonishment kept them still,

How easy it is to find time chosen,

Finally, their eyes open to reveal their journey

and the adventure begin…”

(Life and Death by Syer Heily)